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Stencil History X
September Show

5 — 27 SEPTEMBER 2008

September Show - Stencil History x pv 3

And here's a little bit more about September's artists:

Broken Crow - think big murals, giant stencils - he cites his inspirations from comic books, mythology and the vast world between stained glass windows and graffiti.

C215 - separates consensus and subversion, renowned for his studies of the face, taking it as a landscape and putting his images in 'nonplaces'.

Adam5100 - serene, contemplative hyperrealistic stencil pieces made from many layers to create inspired stencil work that commands collectors prices.

Sadhu - the artist cites Banksy, art deco, Mucha and the Cessessionists as his inspiration behind his haunting stencil images.

Koleszar - hails from Gilbert, Arizona and enjoy his urbanscapes and architecture, using layer upon layer on canvas to capture his imagery.


The book, Stencil History X forms the backbone of the show and features 40 stencil artists from Blek le Rat to Banksy, Mis-Tic to Logan Hicks, from Argentina to Asutria, Norway to Brazil - we trace the history of stencil art across Europe and beyond from its firm roots in Paris, France.