Lady Aiko- Edo City Girl Extended Due To (HUGE) Popular Demand

25 September 2015

Great News! Due to its huge popularity Edo City Girl by Lady Aiko will continue to run until 4th October

Artist Interview With Lady Aiko

10 September 2015

In the run up to her debut exhibition at Ink-d Lady Aiko very kindly put down her scalpel and spray paint to answer some questions in our latest aritst interview...

Ryan Callanan ‘Life’s a Gamble’ Exhibition Review

12 August 2015

'Life's a Gamble' the hip-hoppin' new show from Ryan Callanan has landed in the gallery. Check out our latest exhibition review for a taster of what's on show.

Artist interview with Matt Smith

15 July 2015

‘Trouble with History’ presents the culmination of over four years of Matt Smith’s thought provoking and inquisitive artistic endeavour. Matt very kindly spared some of his time to talk us through examples of the work on show, his inspiration and the fluid, ambiguous nature of his intriguing tapestries that are currently on display…

Ryan Callanan's solo show in the US of A.

23 April 2015

Ryan will be showing a his next new body of work on the West Coast of the States. links here to 'Artist of the year' and a short Video on the show.

Graham Carter - All Creatures show - sneaky peek

21 April 2015

We recently paid a visit to Graham’s studio in Hove for a catch up and to take a sneaky peek at his new body of work for our forthcoming show at ink_d; 'All Creatures'.