Grande Dame Brings Her Psychedelic Flair To Burning Man

5 October 2015

The one and only Tiff McGinnis aka Grande Dame went on a rather envy inducing trip last month to Black Rock City Desert in Nevada for the annual instalment of the Burning Man Festival.

By all accounts her instantly recognisable psychedelic designs went down an absolute treat with the festival revellers, known locally as ‘burners’. Grande Dame collaborated with Dang Gang to create some brilliant eye catching flags, helpful when locating your campsite in the middle of a dessert, as well as a number of luxurious cushions for the interior of their “mutant vehicle” ‘The Dang Gang Imperial Cruiser’.

Burning Man operates a gifting system, whereby money is banish and people devote themselves to the act of giving items unconditionally. Grande Dame’s bandanas and silk mumus were a huge hit on the playa (massive expanse of land) with the burners. If there’s anyone that can make mumus glamorous it is definitely the Grande Dame!

Grande Dame is not one to do things by halves, so of course she also made three eye-popping animations to be projected during the festival. Unfortunately due to the dust, chaos and impractical mix of technology with desert she wasn’t able to properly project the films, although when one did work it had the burners up and dancing around it. 

Judging by the pictures Grande Dame and Burning Man look like a match made in heaven. Frankly we can’t think of an artist more suited to the free, expressive nature of the festival, please pack us in your bag next time!

Back on familiar shores, along the coast at Hastings, Grand Dame recently had her work hanging in Bottle Alley on the seafront as part of the Zeroh Studio collaboration for the Coastal Currents Arts Festivals Opening Ceremony.

Quite unusually for her the pasted up images were all monochrome, but retained her classic surreal aesthetic with coral babies and sea goddesses. Unfortunately some ‘orrible oiks decided to tag the beautiful work with obscene language, but luckily it was rescued by some nice people who painted over the profanity.

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images credit: @grandedame Instagram