Grande Dame Brings Her Psychedelic Flair To Burning Man

5 October 2015

Have a read of what the one and only Grande Dame has been up to in recent months

Ryan Callanan ‘Life’s a Gamble’ Exhibition Review

12 August 2015

'Life's a Gamble' the hip-hoppin' new show from Ryan Callanan has landed in the gallery. Check out our latest exhibition review for a taster of what's on show.

Ryan Callanan shows the US how too do it.

13 July 2015

Artist Ryan Callanan has been hard at it on the west coast of America.

Interview with Sarah Shaw

24 June 2015

‘Shift’ the incredible latest solo show by Sarah Shaw has been captivating visitors to the gallery for the past couple of weeks, so we thought it would be appropriate to pick Sarah’s brain on the new body of work. She very kindly agreed to take a break from the studio to answer our questions, and enlighten us with some of the themes and concepts she’s explored in the paintings.

GRAHAM CARTER CLUES - The All Creatures Show

21 May 2015

Clues to Graham Carters Lost Aminals Nature Trail.

Interview with Graham Carter

13 May 2015

We caught up with Graham, for a bit of monkeying around in his Hove based studio to find out more about his latest body of work, and amongst other things, the inspiration for his brilliant bee survival kit. Have a read to find out more about this hugely talented chap…

Graham Carter - All Creatures show - sneaky peek

21 April 2015

We recently paid a visit to Graham’s studio in Hove for a catch up and to take a sneaky peek at his new body of work for our forthcoming show at ink_d; 'All Creatures'. 

The All Creatures Show - Graham Carter (Private View)

12 April 2015