Lady Aiko’s Latest Brighton Mural

17 September 2015

Lady Aiko’s Brighton takeover continues to build momentum with her latest epic mural that has transformed a previously grotty tunnel leading to Bartholomew Square. Aiko attacked the wall with her signature large format stencils and spray paint, enlisting the help of ink-d Director Dan and local artist Jack Wells to assist in the operation. Over the course of an evening the walls of the walkway, situated near to the sushi restaurant Moshimo, were transformed with the stylised image of Sukeroku a playboy character and his sexy geisha girlfriend Agemaki. Both were taken from a 16th Century, traditional Japanese Kabuki soap opera.

 Aiko also adorned the space with her signature flowers and butterflies rendered in eye-popping shades of pinks, blues and purples. It was incredible to see how street art can alter the vibe and atmosphere of an area, breathing new life and love into what was previously a pretty undesirable spot. Locals and Passers by were stopping to admire Aiko’s work and chat, giving the piece their seal of approval. We’d like to say a big thank you to Aiko and her team for brightening up the place and blessing us with some awesome street art.

Meanwhile in the gallery ‘Edo City Girl’ Aiko’s action packed debut show at ink-D is now entering its final week (NB: the show has now been extended for a further 2 weeks), so if you haven’t already seen it head down before it’s too late! Our forthcoming show is going to be one for all the diehard collectors our there with our rare prints sale. Expect to see some old favourites and classics re-emerge for our celebration of elusive, classic and sold out editions.