Lady Aiko- Edo City Girl Extended Due To (HUGE) Popular Demand

25 September 2015

Pin Up 1-Lady Aiko-Original mixed media on canvas

We are very happy to announce that Edo City Girl, the debut smash from Brighton’s current favourite artist Lady Aiko, has been extended until 4th October due to immense popular demand.

 Whilst she was recently in town Aiko worked non-stop, designing, planning, cutting stencils and spraying, the entire time she was here with us. Like a whirling dervish of pure creativity, it was a pleasure and an honour watching her work, she will be certainly be missed by all us.

 The costume games held last week was a roaring success with Aiko’s huge panel paintings of traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre characters creating the perfect backdrop for an imaginative and fantastical celebration of dress up.

The event’s Q&A with Aiko, hosted by ink-D director Dan, was a fascinating conversation during which the audience learnt a lot about the artist and the hidden meanings and messages in her art. An interest one was that Aiko’s use of rabbits in her stencils originates from her being born in the year of the rabbit...

We also can’t help but feel that the positive vibes Aiko brought played some part in the huge upset at the Rugby World Cup the following Sunday, when her native Japan stormed to victory over the previous world champions South Africa at the Brighton Community Stadium. The win capped off a brilliant Japanese festival with the population of Brighton coming out to support the Cherry Blossoms (interesting nickname for a burly rugby team...).

For those of you haven’t seen the show yet you have until 4th October to come down and behold a truly unmissable collection of old and new work from Lady Aiko, with pieces on offer to suit every budget. It’s not every day we have a show from one of the world’s biggest street artists, so you’d be crazy not to pay a visit before it’s too late! 

View work from the show here