Ryan Callanan shows the US how too do it.

13 July 2015


We have got our hands on Ryan Callanan's West Coast USA show. The work is looking incredible and we have been asked by many if we are able to source any of the piece. Well now we can let everyone know we have this body of work returning across the ocean for you all to see. If you have followed any of the amazing shows over in the States you will know that it was another level and that the galleries over there have had very limited stock and sold it all very quickly. We have been hard at it in the gallery here filling order for the states after customers have found ink_d to be stocked with amazing examples of his work.
Find a moment to pop in and see the show as its sure to be worth it... Budda Smalls ! say what...  new lyric pieces and a tasty classic Acid edition for you all ... get outta town..