New work by REQ

8 June 2015


After a recent interview with the artist we have a write up about  his new selection by the work on show in the space -

Req has been working with Alice since 2011.
She is the Muse of his art.

He sates -

'I had always been sure that if I was to make any significant art, I needed a muse to reflect upon.'

For Req, physical beauty is the most analogous to the blissful inner state as found in reflecting on nature and during childhood.

'The state of pure being is clear and blissful but requires grounding in order for it to be intelligibly expressed.

That is a problem solved by working with a muse.'

These nebulous feelings are expressed in her form coupled with a narrative of everyday existence made by the study of her life's circumstance.

They had worked for a few years - he made paintings of her obscured and revealed by cloth and frames.

'I allowed an obsession to develop and she allowed me too, knowing that the artist's way does not follow the same obvious pathways of ordinary life - it is the working through of unworded thought without predestination and must be allowed to exist in the space of freedom.'

Obsession perhaps is merely the accumulation of energetic momentum.

This was the first time Req had allowed himself the indulgence of complete immersion in a person that he wasn't in an intimate relationship with.

Gradually circumstances changed and it became less easy for them to meet.

'She started sending me photos of herself and I developed a way of working with them that also reflected the growing distance between us.'

He photographed the photographs amongst thorns and wire then flowers and blossom as spring arrived.

These were painted with watercolour and collaged with various objects that he thought were somehow relevant to her.


A train ticket, a bank slip, a plastic flower, some chicken wire that she had woven with twigs, some of her drawings, a feather she had given him, the cloth he once wrapped her in.
It had been noted that the wildflowers that he painted her with and in which he had always been interested, were in some way analogous of her.

Their fleeting beauty impossible to hold.

She, the Muse, became the channel or lens that focused the immense field of creative possibilities.

The space of consciousness is expressed through reflecting on her beauty.

This is what Req calls 'Muse Alchemy'.