GRAHAM CARTER CLUES - The All Creatures Show

21 May 2015

(B)ee-Graham Carter-Giclee Print



Pop into the gallery to receive a flyer & for instructions. Here are some clues:


Clue 1-On the pier amongst the children's fair rides, a water loving creature will hide....

Clue 2-A gardender's best friend on North Street, look for the people who protect the creatures that sing so sweet.

Clue 3-On New Road is a shop where you might find the perfect ingredients to turn on a light. Behind the cables and gizmos, buttons and switches, can you spy a creature whose wing twitches?

Clue 4-For weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or sympathy on Bond Street is a shop where you need to be.

Clue 5-Search high & low on Jubilee Street and find the building where bookworms might go...

Clue 6-If you're in search for exotic spices, herbs, teas and flowers then on Gardener Street you could spend hours.

Clue 7-On North Road it is a beach you seek, and a special kind of home wares boutique.

Clue 8-Gloucester Road is full of charm but if you meet the dead try to stay calm. Dia de muertos is celebrated here with award winning food and Mexican beer.

Clue 9-On Sydney Street, if you look, is where  you find a friendly smile and a really good book. This extraordinary organisation supports every nation

Clue 10-On North Road you will always find an Art of some kind, but this month it is completely full of creatures from armadillos to angry bulls.


Once you have found jumbled letters you can decipher what they spell. The prize is a limited edition silkscreen & foil Giant Panda by Graham Carter. The winner will be notified by the 5th June 2015.