56th Venice Art Biennale

15 May 2015

Here at ink-d we like to keep tabs on what’s going on in the art world, so we couldn’t help but notice that May signals the start of the glamorous behemoth of all things arty that is the 56th Venice Art Biennale.

 The art elite will all be donning their freshest clothes and designer sunglasses to embark on the picturesque Italian city, as an incredible 136 artist represent 88 different nations, providing over 150 brand new pieces of art created specifically for the event.

The Biennale itself is spread across 30 different pavilions, each built by the representing country and managed by the nation’s ministry of culture. Flying the flag for Britain this year is sculptor Sarah Lucas, the former ladette of the YBA movement and perennial provocateur.

 Her collection for the 6 month long show is titled ‘I Scream Daddio’ and consists of a number casts of the lower half of a number of Lucas’ close female friends. The torso and armless figures seductively straddle various pieces of furniture that have been sourced directly from the artist’s house, adding a nice personal touch.

 Lucas has delicately place unlit cigarettes emerging from various orifices on the sculptures and painted the walls of the gallery a sickly yellow hue; think a cross between powered custard with too little milk and a canary.

In previous years the Biennale has played host to a number of great British artists with the impeccably dressed, dapper duo Gilbert & George presenting their ‘Ginko Pictures’ series in 2005. 2007 was the turn of ‘Mad Tracey from Margate’, Dame Tracey Emin, who exhibited her body of work titled ‘Borrowed Light’ and went to on flog half of the collection to New York’s MoMA. If you find yourself at the Biennale this year be sure to pay a visit to the British Pavilion and let us know how it is!