Three Dimensions Exhibition Review

27 March 2015


First up we looked at Jim Sanders incredible mixed media assemblages‘Plough’ and ‘Furrow’. Made up from ephemera and different components collected from a number of sources including the streets, skips, car boot sales and charity shops, both here and in France. “I am always on the look out for interesting objects, especially those with a history or back story. It has been 7 years since I last made a large body of sculptural work (the Totems) and so since then my house has filled up with gathered objects waiting to be used.”


For Sanders the creating of the pieces was very much an instinctive process, drawing inspiration from the primitive fertility sculptures and Nkondi idols created by the people of The Congo. He explained the genesis of the work: “The faces/masks of these figures were created last year and used as part of a performance called 'Waterghosts' at Saint Mary's church, Kemptown for the Brighton Festival. They were united with bodies of other figures I had constructed over a year ago and ‘Plough’ and ‘Furrow’ were born.”


Next up we cast an admiring eye upon Lez’s colossal 3D painting ‘Dark Forces’. Lez cites her inspiration for painting in a multi-layered style as coming from “Designing shop fronts for a variety of unusual shops in the 90s”. The way shadows fall and the effect the layers have of drawing you into the picture appeal to Lez, this painting is actually one of her simpler multi-layered pieces, with one comprising of a whopping 32 different components. ‘Dark Forces’ itself was influenced by the repercussions of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Marvel comics Lez would immerse herself in as a child.


Watching the Twin Towers collapse on the news on 11th September 2001, I instinctively knew that internationally, we'd feel the repercussions for decades to come. Dark Forces was one of a series of paintings of Super Heroes that I painted and brought to life, by using 3 dimensional elements.” We love Lez’s work, so when you’re next in the gallery be sure to check out her incredible latest edition ‘Feeling Like a Woman, Looking Like a Man’, which has been expertly printed onto a metal plate, complete with lifelike beads of sweat!


Finally we had to mention local artist Sean Madden and his three dimensional collage pieces. ‘Red Wood’ and ‘Great Expectations’ are two brilliant examples of Sean incorporating found objects and reclaimed wood into creating these B-Movie inspired robots. His work could be described as ‘Rauschenberg meets pop’, in that he uses non-traditional components in his work but consciously wants to move away from the serious nature and weight of abstract expressionism, into the more jovial realm of Pop-Art. Sean’s robots have a playful feel to them and embody a subtle juxtaposition, by representing a technological object but have been made from more organic materials. They are light hearted, with the floating balloons adding a poignant childlike and human touch.


So there we have it, just three examples of the stunning type of work we have on offer. The show is constantly evolving with work coming and going so be sure to pop in for a gander at some exquisite three-dimensional art. See you soon you lovely lot!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled too as we have an interview with the brilliant Paul Scott up next.



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