Valentines Love.....

13 February 2015

Love (pink glitter & pink)-Ryan Callanan-sculpture

Top five Valentine’s inspired artworks


Love is in the air as Valentines Day approachesso we thought it apt to highlight five of our favourite love-related pieces to get you in the mood for romanceAs you know we do things slightly differently at here at ink_d, so don’t expect any pink fluffy hearts or chubby cherubic cupids; instead prepare for a more punky, in-your-face and all together more interesting expression of love. Here are a few of our favourites:


1) Andy Doig Tiamo Tiamo. This electrifying piece from the neon maestro Andy Doig is certain to set hearts racing with its bright and powerful proclamation of love.The illuminated text ‘Tiamo’ translates as ‘I Love You’ in Italian. If you do find yourself falling for this one be quick as it’s from a very low edition of five.


2) Grande Dame ‘Adam and Steve and Madame and Eve’Grande Dame’s exquisite porcelain dinner plates celebrate gay marriage in her signature wild and psychedelic style. We particularly love the green skin tone of her characters and think Adam and Steve both slightly resemble Gomez from the Addams Family, another suave romantic type.


3) Anthony Micallef - ‘I Brake Everything’Micallef is a master of contrast, seamlessly merging technically brilliant draughtsmanship with looser, expressive marks. In this 20-colour silkscreen there is a tension between the two figures kissing, one seemingly healthy while the other is skeletal and abstractedThe print was created especially for the British Heart Foundation, with a percentage of the profits being donated to the charity.


4) Ryan Callanan – 'Swarovski Red Heart'Ryan Callanan aka RYCA is well known for sharing the love through his fun, Pop Art inspired 3D piecesAlso keep an eye out for Ryan’s ‘Love is the Drug’, his playful twist on Damien Hirst’s iconic spot paintings.


5) Alex Binnie- ‘Love’ woodcut. Alex Binnie uses a cast iron press dating back to 1844 to print his incredible woodcuts, making them a true labour of love. His strong graphic style is inspired by traditional Japanese tattoo imagery with Alex printing onto Japanese Kanoko paper for this impressive edition.


If that lovely snapshot has left your heart aching for more, you can catch us on Latest TV (online or for those living in the Brighton & Hove area Freeview Channel 8 and Virgin Media 159), where we take a tour of the love-inspired art on show at the gallery.