Anarchy in Brighton (by way of Mexico)

18 December 2014

Not only have we had the fabulous salon by Grande Dame in the upper space at the gallery, but ‘Mad in Mexico' started by the equally dynamic Carrie Reichardt, at the begining of November. All of you keen 'ink_d'(ers) will be very familiar with Carrie's thought provoking mosaics by now for sure and for this reason, many of you came to the PV on a blustery November evening.

The atmosphere was driven by the fact that we had two of the most diverse, powerful and compelling female artists holding court on both levels of the gallery, what a night it was.........surely one that will go down in ink_d history....(!)

Many of Carrie's striking mosaics were acquired by fans (old and new) on the  night of the Private View, ensuring it to be one of her most successful solo shows to date.....fantastic news! This artist is going only in one direction right now....UP UP UP!

An anarchy symbol was painted on the front of the gallery on the day of the PV, very much in keeping with the fact that we were so proud to be hosting a solo show by the anarchist ceramicist herself...more of the 'Anarchy' debacle later!

Just before 'My Voodoo on You' came to an end, the Grande Dame graced us with her omnipotent presence. This time to give a talk to a select few fans, upstairs in the gallery. With subjects ranging from LSD to Disney, it was quite possibly one of the most fascinating couple of hours one would hope to spend in the company of a Dame!

Along with the exit of the Dame, came the entrance of all manor of things upstairs! Our bizarre Christmas Group Show rolled into town once again, only this year bigger and better! Where else are you likely to find a tremendous, neon pink flamingo by Andy Doig, hanging next to a beautifully informed study in oil by Enzo Marra? Only at ink_d gallery? Hell yeah!

Early one morning, we discover that the Anarchy symbol has been 'removed' over night by an overzealous council worker.....hmmmmmmm? Not ones to take this 'midnight erasing' lying down, we decided to let the local press know (oh, and Carrie). Within the blink of an eye, she hotfooted it down to Brighton with plans to make the anarchy sign not only bigger but also redder! (well, red and not black). The Sun and the Daily Mail also reported on this little occurrence down by the seaside, albeit in their own 'distinctive' style (ie: all of the facts a bit changed as they don’t like 'vandalism' huh?!)

With only just over a week left of Carrie's show, yesterday saw her make another return to the gallery (no paint this time). She gave an impassioned talk about her time in Mexico and how these works came to be. We learned lots more of the murdered 48 students (odd how we havent heard much on the news here?) and she took us on a visual journey of the time she spent there, spreading her artistic knowledge to others along the way.

Carrie did a workshop a few months ago and in this previous workshop, all of the attendees collaborated on two mosaics. These mosaics were delivered by Carrie and Sian (her brilliant assistant) yesterday. The mosaics are to be auctioned off and the proceeds given to help raise funds for the legal fees of Kenny 'Zulu' Whitmore. Kenny has been in solitary confinement in America for over 39 years. .......WATCH THIS SPACE for more info on when you are able to start bidding!


Oh yes......Don’t forget to get to the V&A before the 1st February. Disobedient Objects finishes then and you don’t want to miss the chance to see Carries work there (and on the steps too remember....ahem!)