What a month!....

6 November 2014

Well...What a month it's been here at ink_d...thats for sure!

As we (rather sadly) come to the end of 8Forever by Ryan Callanan (do try and come down and see the show before it ends though), we have welcomed a new show in the upstairs gallery by Grande Dame.

The show has been an absolute success. Infact, so much so we have decided to extend 'My Voodoo On You' for a few more weeks. So if you haven't made it down yet, what are you waiting for??

Following on from Ryan's massively successful talk last Saturday (check out our instagram and facebook pages for pictures), Grande Dame will also be hosting a talk here at the Gallery on 22nd November, click here for details.

So, what with Carrie Reichardt's solo show occuring any day now, the gallery is about to be jam packed with female talent! Girl Power.....!

In the meatime, feast your eyes on the amazing'ness that is My Voodoo on You and piccies from the Private View.