My Voodoo on You - It's All Happening!

20 November 2014

We are having an overwhelming response to My Voodoo on You by Grande Dame; people leave in awe once they have witnessed her insane talent within the walls four of her 'Salon'..

We have loved her work for a long time here at ink_d so it's about time you all did too.....and do you? Hell Yeah!

The animation that you are all going crazy for has been picked up  by Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation...(more info on this as and when it comes in).

News also reaches us that the fantastic 'People of Print' have written a wonderful review of the hugely successful show by Grande Dame upstairs here at ink_d Gallery:

Not only are they raving about the show but they have also given Grande Dame the front cover too! 

Did any of our eagle eyed customers spot the Dame's collaboration with Terry De Havilland on TV? She has been working with Mr De Havilland for a while now  and Liberty of London showed her Clown shoe in all of its glory on the BBC TV progamme of the same name. How cool would a Grande Dame/Liberty of London collaboartion be?? Wow!

And havent forgotten about the talk here with Grande Dame on Saturday 22nd November have you? There are a very limited amount of spaces left and she will be taking you on a visual journey of her life and creative processes (amongst other things that is)....

See You Then (then)!