Looking deeper into Becoming.

17 September 2014

Becoming-Carne Griffiths-Graphite on Bockingford Paper

Becoming-Carne Griffiths-Graphite on Bockingford Paper

Once again, we have asked Carne to allow us a deeper look inside one of his pieces for Origins.
As we had the incredible detail and colour of Across the Lines last week, how about some graphite work?
Although, by no means are these works any less detailed! The mark making and the narrative of Becoming is explained beautifully by Carne below......
'Becoming is one of three pencil drawings created for the exhibition Origins. For this mini series I approached a graphite drawing in the same way I do a complete piece with liquids and by doing so engage in the automatic process as well as critical drawing of the subject.  The muse for the 3 graphite pieces is Sophie Benjamin, the daughter of a close friend, she appears throughout the origins exhibition as a constant by which we can see the both the strong differences and similarities to other images throughout the exhibition.

'Becoming' investigates the idea of change, the external influences which shape us as we grow older, there is subtle reference to change in the antler like elevations of hair which seem to be lifted of their own accord.  I try to instill an energy in the piece while drawing, sometimes attacking the page with vigour and energy and at other times allowing introspective mark making which contains personal elements and visual language.  I feel like the subject has become a spirit in this piece not quite in one place or another but in transition.. 

For all three of the graphite works, I am less concerned about capturing a likeness to the subject and more interested in capturing an essence or ideal and leaving a rawness to the piece.  Sometimes when I finish a piece I look back at some of the marks that have been made, typically in the energetic or introspective stages of drawing and these are the elements that I attribute to the subconscious. Sometimes it might feel like I am viewing them for the 1st time, there is an element of discovery even though I have made the marks on the page - they feel somehow new or that they have been created without an awareness.  

To me, this is the important part of making a piece of artwork - there is an element of outpouring, it is an intensely emotional process and one where the act of drawing is connected directly to something that can't be explained'.