***Last chance for PETRO places****

7 August 2014

Graffiti Solutions 1-Petro-Paint on paper

We are not trying to teach Grandma how to suck eggs here, we promise! But.... Do you want to hear some more about this next workshop?

We are sure that you are aware that tagging has been going on since the early days of graffiti, it's almost like being in a secret club and if you are in the know you are aware who has left certain tags, if you are not, they are almost foreign to you!

Decades ago, kids could use up to 5 pens a night when out tagging all around the City, which became far too expensive for them and this meant that they had to become inventive! They started to make their pens out of (amongst other things), shoe cleaners which they took apart, they also made their own pigment to put inside. By doing so, their tags started to look different, consequently the marks made were also different, lots of drips etc etc... Ironically, lots of pen makers now make the pens this way but charge through the nose for them!
And PETRO's workshop will be based around this theory!
We plan to make our own pens and go out into town to tag in a non invasive way by finding dirty windows!
As well as being super informative, this workshop and talk will be lots of fun (if you know PETRO, you will know why!!). He has so much history within the world of graffiti and lots to tell. 
How does that all sound? Like we said, there's a really small amount of tickets left, so if you can make it, give us a shout! It will be lovey to see you....