The Aftermath Dislocation Principle...

12 July 2014

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle continues in Amsterdam with Part 7-8. If you saw the previous parts, this seems on another level?

This bizarre and twisted model village by James Cauty continues in the 1.87 scale and it's vast. The landscape is desolated, deserted, destroyed, burnt and devoid of life........(apart from 5000 or so model police that attend the apocalyptic aftermath that is!).

The Aftermath Dislocation Principle is presented in the Glass House in the Mediamatic Fabriek, leaving the viewer with an unnerving experience....

It's also 20 years this year that James Cauty and his bandmate Bill Drummond burned a million quid, remember that? Could he have anything up his sleeve to mark this momentous moment?.....hmmmm