Its been a while....

18 June 2014

Its been such a busy month here at the gallery... We packed down the incredibly popular show that was Snapshot, and no sooner had the walls been prepped and ready.....than pushing Paint got underway.

Its a show that has taken up both floors of the gallery (a first?), and both of them are wonderous! Have you been? If not, its such a gorgeous place to be right now and we've even opened up the garden for you, if you fancy being contemplatative with the oils? (in the sunshine)....

In the interim period, we've also had the Acid Cups leaving the building at a rate of knots. Ryan's been beavering away in his studio and produced not one but two TINY editions of the cup. We have one in the window, glittering away in the sunshine, our orignal was whisked away by Norman Cook last week and last night stood proudly by his side on Copacabana beach, whilst the man himself D'J'd (nice work if you can get it!). 

So, keep your eyes peeled for the ink_d Acid Cup on TV with Norm and also, come to the gallery to see some of the best comtemporary painters work around right now. All on the walls of ink_d!