Anyone for a....Z??

20 April 2014

If you haven't managed to get down to 'Signs of Light' yet, fear not! We are open all through the Easter period, although not quite much as usual. On Easter Monday we are having a bit of a lie-in and wont be in until 11am. We shall also be leaving an hour earlier at 5pm to devour lots of Easter Eggs (sorry!)

So yes....come and catch 'Signs of Light' before it leaves the building (rather like Elvis). 'Airing your Dirty Laundry' has already sold but we must congratulate our wonderful customers on their fantastically, inspirational minds when it comes to commissioning their very own, tailor made washing lines. We are of course, far too discreet to give away just what is being made for particular people but put it this way......If you fancy having a piece of clothing made, the world really is your oyster folks! (and our lips are well and truly sealed!)

The sensational 'Alphabet City', is still up for grabs but once again the array of words, names and 'randoms' that Mr Doig is making for you is truly astounding! So if you feel like shouting your name from the rooftops (or maybe your lounge wall?), please dont be shy, we have heard pretty much everything.....or have we?


Thats up to you..