Fanfare, Drips and Swearing! Happy Sunday...

23 February 2014

Just having a little peruse at the superb pieces we have here at ink_d for the Fanfare show (inbetween customers that is!). And quite simply with every turn of the head, a new little gem is found!

Late yesterday, Mr Callanan dropped off this brand new 'Drip' Acid. Its an edition of 10 (we have number 6), so as you can imagine, these little (well rather large) beauties are rare to say the least!

As I walk down the gallery, past the rather beautiful 'Persephone' by Carne Griffiths and 'Garden of Earthly Delights' by Jake Wood-Evans, I decide to take a closer look at 'Mind Stream' by Gillies Buxton. This piece sold a couple of weeks ago but its really grabbing peoples attention as they walk in the gallery (as is 'Gurn' upstairs, but maybe for different reasons??)...

'Mind Stream' is a vessel with sgraffito text, on earthenware. What is sgraffito I hear you ask?

Well.....its a technique that dates back to the 16th century and was incredibly common in Italy at this time. The effect is produced by applying (to the unfired vessel), two successive layers of contrasting slip and then scratching the top player so as to produce an outline drawing. The word Sgraffito comes from the Italian word graffiare, which literally means 'to scratch'.

I decided to take some close up photos for you of what Gillies has sgraffito'ed on 'Mind Stream', as it makes me chuckle everytime I pass by......

Not sure what those 16 century Italians would make of his choice of ....theme, shall we say? What do you think?


We LOVE it!