A Closer Look at some of our Artists....

14 December 2013

As we sit here, looking at the wonderful walls of the gallery, it struck us that you may want to now what some of our artists get up to outside of ink_d?

The Fabulous and incredibly prolific Jon Burgerman is currently showing at the Members Bar at the Southbank (until March 2014).

Its called  Racing Lines and here's a bit about it from the great man himself...

'Paul Klee is quoted as saying, although I didnt hear it myself, "A drawing is simply a line going for a walk".

In my work I try and take the line for a run, building up to a speed that allows it to occasionally fly. The line defines, it cuts, scores, breaks barriers and bounces. Making my work is as much a performance, albeit often private, as it is about having a tangible 'something' at the end of it.

The exhibition features various usages of my lines, from roller-colour-coasters to the chiselled contours of entwined figurative forms. Energy is pumped around the works, like inky black veins, through the lines'.


And then, as we are about to put the brand new work from Req online, we are reminded that he is finishing his incredibly popular exhibition at the Cre8 Gallery in East London (it finishes on 18 Dec, so you still have time). 

Again, a soupcon to wet your appetite perhaps?

Following on from Req's 'Tokyo Muse' show at Wish-less' gallery in Tokyo last year, he now proposes to reveal his obsession in the city of his origin. 'Tokyo Muse' was conceived as the artist's way of understanding and interacting with the great metropolis which Tokyo certainly is. The medium was a girl, spraypaint and pastel. As with most cities the inhabitants are migrants - 'Tokyo Muse' was from the provinces.

London Muse is also a provincial girl - moving to South London as a student and engaging in Muse work as a way of making some pocket money. The situations are similar but the time scale is different. With 'Tokyo Muse', the work had to be done within 4 weeks whereas London Muse, because she is relatively local to the artist's Brighton base, can be more considered. In fact Req has been working with his Muse 'Coco Kole' for tow and a half years.