Jon Burgerman - A Failure of Judgement 5 September - 6th October 2013

13 November 2013

Yesterday, the great Jon Burgerman was signing his edition of prints in the gallery. We are still all getting over the busy night...a really wonderful show of work.


We also had a 'for one night only' skype hook up with Jon in New York. This is what Jon had to say about the night......

Remote Action Drawing (R.A.D) took place at Brighton's InkD Gallery (UK) where I drew live for a selected audience whilst being physically in New York.

The event took place for the last week of my exhibition at InkD entitled 'Failure of Judgment'. Audience members were able to sit down and tell me, via a camera, about their biggest Failure of Judgment. Then by the powers of drawing I would offer a solution, resolution or pithy doodled aside.

The live drawing lasted for one hour and was a lot of fun even if my advice was decidedly suspect.