Did somebody say Santa?

21 November 2013

We are getting ready for our Christmas Show......Fancy a sneaky peak?

Oh.....Go on then!


Lawrence Poole bought in these most incredibly 'must have' screenprints yesterday.

And look what Alex Binnie has just this minute dropped off, these delectable and super affordbale woodcuts...LOVE & HATE (which do you prefer?).

Oh!, and how can these stunning Maria Rivans 3D collages and *BRAND NEW* collaged vintage postcards go without a mention? Kirk Douglas and Cliff Richard is all we have to say.......cryptic? Possibly....maybe?

Artists are coming through the door at a rate of knots right now, dropping of delicious, festive fancies and you will be updated as they do. Wow! Harriet Hammel, you are really spoling us!