The story so far...

31 May 2010



Warhol Alan-Modern Toss-5 Colour Screenprint


The studio has not posted much but were trying to get something up to let you know whats happening.

The studio has been not stop for the last months producing and sorting the hangings and has not been able to post much but that is not to say it has not been active. A web-cam would let you all know what was going on...

The pottery show was a great success and we had so many items in the gallery it was a hard hang and took alot of different hanging styles to get looking right. Plus a bran new cabinet for showing of some of the galleries gems.

The Printing bench took a hammering from producing a great edition of prints for Carrie Reichardt. It's just started cooling down from the Modern toss show in which it has printed a stunning new set of editions for the guys. Alan as seen by Warhol in a 5 colour screen print showing off the joys of screen print. The new Space argument screen print is and mastery of the Black and white a classic for any little odd wall space. Punctuation networking The Periodic table of Swearing has flown out the door and it close to selling out of the edition, surly this is the most popular piece of the show.