Sorry for not posting anything for some time....

8 May 2009


Well all has been crazy here in the studio with not even a free moment to let you all know how its all going. The Stanley Donwood show went really well and was a dream to work on. Stanley had a wonderful five colour print produced in the studio and we all loved the originals that he knocked up here. A great relationship was formed while he was down and for sure we'll try and do some more things over this next year, so keep a look out.

The Gents from the Toss have had the new work edition produced through the studio and the amazing new 'Buy more shit..' print which looks as if it is here to stay for a long time.


Keep a good look out here for news on the Lidia De Pedro show which is coming up very soon. The work is looking great and we should have some great stuff for you all.