A new print from Pinky all the way from Holland.

22 January 2009

canvas 1

Our man Pinky has just got back from a paint session in Amsterdam, where he was commissioned to paint the world of pinky all over one room in a fashionable Dutch hotel.

The work is all over the walls and you are right inside one of his pieces. Along with the painting work, he had time to polish off a very tasty new five or six colour screen print that we will soon be bringing to you. It comes from a classic front cover that he was commissioned to do for a Dutch magazine. Other greats of the likes of Sheperd Fairey have all done covers for them, so Pinky has stepped up to the mark,  done the front cover and now has been asked to produce a new print. What a great year for him, and still great stuff to come.

Keep an eye out to see the new print which will be a steal at about £50.