Pinky's Bristol show!!! -UPDATE-!!!!

2 December 2008

Pinky, the paper-cut king, is showing over in Bristol alongside Egs and P. Maurice at Friend and Co, 8 The Promenade, Gloucester Road, Bristol. Get your bums down there and have a look at his amazing work. 

This has been a bit of a crazy time for Pinky as he has had shows all over the place over the last couple of months. His work is looking great and taking a great direction from his original cuts to canvas and his limited editions.

Go and show your support at the Friend and Co show 'UNIVERSAL'.


So the man himself is busting it up/across to Bristol with work in arms to hang the show. It's going to be a great one as the work is looking amazing, and the word is out that some of the pieces are seriously heavy-duty. Check-out the amazing water colours, and if you want to, buy me one! I'II try and get some images of the show up on the site for you to see.