Stencil history X

18 September 2008

Broken crow - untitled

Adam 5100 - Untitled

Stencil History x pv 7

The studio has been hard at it for the Stencil history X show getting two wonderful editions ready for this show.

-Brokencrow's Limited Edition is being hand finished in the states and then will be available to pick up from the gallery and those of you waiting can have a good look at it in its finished state. 

-Adam5100's edition has struck a cord with you lot and in such a small edition and at a good price will surely make a lot of you happy.To see his work in the flesh is quite something and the edition shows off his style wonderfully.

The show has loads of work avalible from a wide selection of contributors from around the world. C215 has left his mark in a set of seriously limited 'Stencil History X' books avalible at the show. The gallery space has been given over to all the contributors to work on and is evolving while the show is on. If you are a stencil artist and want to put your work up if you've got the time we have the paint.