Update: MissBugs prints

29 July 2008


Bugs on brown paper

Bugs studio

Never fear, our MissBugs prints are on their way. Currently being finished by the artist, they will be dispatched as soon as they are in our hands....they are amazing and are all slightly different.

For those looking forward to the '3D He-Man' edition, you will be happy to know they will be dispatched asap. People waiting for the framed '3D' pieces will unfortunately have to wait a little longer but it will all be worth the wait as the hand-finishing on the frames is looking great.



The prints are in and being sent out, listen out for a phone call or email to see how you want them dispatched. I bet you can't wait to get the brown paper off them babies. The sets looks great, MissBugs has produced another great print for you lot and I'm sure you'll be happy.


Update: 28/07/08

All the show posters are being sent out or are waiting for pick up. The three colour screen prints were for sale during the show and only 62 were made. It was a great image and alot of people liked it, we continue to produce affordable work for the up and coming shows. Keep a look out.