EXTRA extra...... -sten- & Lex working in the studio

29 July 2008

sten&lex print

sten&lex spray

sten&lex working

Last week the goings on in the studio were dominated by the arrival of -sten- & Lex from Rome. The guys made themselves at home and we got on with getting their newest edition produced for the up and coming first birthday of the Tomtom gallery in London. The studio had been asked to produce an edition in two sizes available through the London gallery, produced on 400gsm paper and each one hand stenciled by the guys, the prints are sure to fly.

The guys have made a bit of a splash with a massive stencil produced at the Cans festival. The piece must have been 12 feet tall and really stood out. Their new print is the first time this image has been reproduced and has already had people asking for them only having seen them though the glass in the gallery floor. 

We made some good friends there, they were great to have around and a pleasure to work for, any time they need us we'll be there.